Thinking of Trying a Low Calorie Diet Plan – Be Careful, It Won’t Work!

Even though most people tell you that a low calorie diet plan is the way to go, the truth of the matter is that low calorie doesn’t always work successfully.
See… weight loss isn’t as simple as calories in versus calories out all the time.

Sure, in the short term, you lose weight with that theory. You might even lose a bit of weight.

Eventually though, as any seasoned dieter will know, you’ll plateau. Your body will get used to the amount of calories that you’re putting into it, and your metabolism will adjust accordingly.

And if you’re eating really low calorie – it’ll even go into starvation mode, holding on to fat storages for you. When it does that, not only will you not lose more weight… but you might even gain weight.

This might come as a shock since most people promote the low calorie diets… but think… most people promote low calorie, but one out of every two Americans is overweight. Obviously something’s wrong with common knowledge (either that, or people aren’t staying on their diets).

Here are Some Everyday Low Calorie Foods which are low in calories and ideal for your Weight Loss Diet.

Low Calorie Foods

* Portion sizes will vary depending on the type and make of product purchased. Portion size is very often a subjective view
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Low calorie food Portion size * 100 grams (3.5 oz) energy content
Beans mung dried boiled 100 cals 100 cals Low
Beans runner boiled 15 cals 25 cals Very low
Broccoli 20 cals 30 cals Very low
Brussels sprouts 20 cals 32 cals Low
Canderel sweetener 10 cals / tablet Low
Cottage cheese low fat 80 cals 80 cals Low
Fish any white fresh poached 150-200 / fillet 110 cals Low
Fromage Frais  low fat 65 cals 55 cals Low-Med
Hunts bitter lemon drink 2 (125ml) 1 cal Low-Med
Hunts bitter Ginger ale drink 2 (125ml) 1 cal Low
Hunts bitter orange drink 2 (125ml) 1 cal Low
Lentils 70 cals 50 cals Low
Macaroni (boiled) 238 cals (250g) 95 cals Low
Mayonnaise weight watchers 45 cals (1 Tbsp ) 300 cals Lowe
Muesli sugar-free 180 cals (50g) 360 cals Low
Noodles (boiled) 175 cals (250g) 70 cals Low
Pasta ( normal boiled ) 330 cals (300g) 110 cals Low
Pasta (wholemeal boiled ) 315 cals (300g) 105 cals Low
Peas chick boiled 115 cals 115 cals Low
Porridge oats (with water) 193  cals (350g) 55 cals Low
Potatoes (boiled) 210 cals (300g) 70 cals Low
Rice (white long grain) 420 cals (300g) 140 cals Low
Rice ( Brown ) 405 cals (300g) 135 cals Low
Spaghetti (boiled) 303 cals (300g) 101 cals Low
Tofu 90 cals 73 cals Low
Yogurt virtually fat-free 50 cals (1 small pot) 40 cals Low

Calorie cycling is the answer to both of those answers. It goes against common knowledge because it allows you to have “cheat” days. This not only makes people like the diet (which means they stay on it), but it “tricks” the metabolism so that it can never adjust to a certain amount of calories. When this happens, weight loss continues to occur for long periods of time unlike with the low calorie diet plan.

Rachel has lost 100 pounds herself, and is passionate about helping other people do it too. She has been featured in Woman’s World, among others.

You can check out more about calorie cycling and Rachel’s <a href=””>Weight Loss Diet</a> on her website.
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