The truth about exercise and rapid weight loss

Article by Hamilton Erridge

New research highlights why many individuals starting an exercise program are often discouraged after they do not lose weight quickly enough. According to new research performed primarily on women, it turns out that they are resistant to losing weight through exercise alone. While exercise has tremendous health benefits beyond weight loss, controlling calories in through portion-controlled meals is needed for rapid weight loss.

The research study performed at the Denver Health Medical Center took over 50 sedentary overweight women and put them on an exercise program aimed at having them lose weight at the pace of one to three pounds per week. But the women were not told to change their eating habits, simply exercise.

A second group was not told to exercise, but instead were given portion controlled meals to eat throughout the day. The results after several months found that the exercisers, while they had become more fit, did not lose any weight! While the portion controlled group had lost an average of one to two pounds per week.

During the second phase of the study both groups were put on an exercise program and portion controlled meal replacements aimed at rapidly losing weight while maintain enough protein and vitamin/mineral nutrition to stay healthy.

truth about exercise and rapid weight loss

truth about exercise and rapid weight loss

After three months all the women had lost an average of three pounds per week totaling nearly 40 pounds per person for the three-month time frame.

According to exercise physiologists while exercise can dramatically improve the speed at which weight is lose, controlling calorie intake through portion controlled meals in necessary during the weight loss phase for rapid weight loss.

However during the maintenance phase after weight loss has been achieved, the roles switch. While portion controlled meals are important, without weekly exercise, the weight is much more likely to be gained back by one year.

According to Dr. Robert Kushner at Northwestern University, the swapped role of diet and exercise as it relates to weight loss and weight maintenance is an important fact for people looking to lose weight. For reasons yet unknown, controlling calories in is more important during weight loss, and exercise can without a doubt speed up weight loss.

But after a goal weight has been achieved, exercise becomes the most important determinant for keeping the weight off for good.

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