The Weight Loss twins, Bill & Jim Germanakos swept The Biggest Loser’s Season 4 top awards. After experiencing dramatic life changing events due to their steady and massive weight loss, Bill and Jim have decided to publicly share their fat loss secrets. The “Rapid Action Metabolism (RAM) fat burning system is the heart of their new fat loss program which is aptly called Truth About Diets. Bill lost a total of 164 pounds and became the winner of the top award of 0000 and his brother Jim, who had been eliminated early in the game won the “at home” weight loss award of 0000 with a weight loss of 186 pounds. Jim was announced to have lost more weight than any of the other Season 4 contestants and had lost an amazing 132 pounds at home on his own!

The “weight loss twins” Rapid Action Metabolism (RAM) fat burning system is the system that they used to lose a total of 350 pounds in 8 months and on this page we will give you a glimpse into their fat burning system Truth About Diets, and their 60 Day Weight Loss Challenge.
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