The hCG Diet for Rapid Weight Loss

Article by Bob Hartzell

In the 1950s and 1960s a British endocrinologist working with overweight patients suffering from pituitary problems came up with a diet plan that remains among the most effective options for fast weight loss today. Dr. A.T.W. Simeons found that combining daily injections of human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) with a five hundred calorie per day diet produced remarkably effective and fast weight loss results.

The hCG Hormone

HCG is a hormone generated by pregnant women early in the first trimester. It acts to stimulate the production of progesterone, which causes the uterus to develop ample nutrients for the fetus. Dr. Simeon found that hCG also had an impact on the hypothalamus in his obese patients, helping to control hunger. In addition the hormone apparently caused the weight loss to occur in fatty tissue, specifically excess fatty tissue, rather than lean tissue or muscle mass.

The Diet Protocol

The result was the hCG diet protocol, which Dr. Simeons authored and which went on to become a very popular weight loss program. The diet plan calls for a stringent five hundred calorie intake daily from foods specifically designated for the program. It allows for two servings of protein per day; no more than 100 grams per serving. A small salad with no dressing is allowed, as are two types of vegetables which must not be mixed and must be cooked without any additive other than salt, pepper, marjoram or a few other spices that are acceptable. A small serving of fruit selected from the approved list completes the meal.

Six Week Cycles

The impact of hCG in the diet program seems to continue for about forty days, at which point dieters begin to become immune to its effects. So the hCG diet plan calls for a six week cycle of dieting and daily doses of the hormone, followed by six weeks off – during which the dieter can resume normal eating. If another cycle of dieting is necessary to lose additional weight, it may begin following the six week interim. It seems to have become a standard pattern for dieters to go through up to three cycles for successful conclusion of the program. Early in the program however it is not uncommon for a dieter to lose one pound a day.

The hCG Diet Plan Today

While Dr. SImeon’s publication is still in print, there is a comprehensive hCG diet plan available in guidebook form. There is also an excellent gourmet cookbook that has an array of recipes developed by dieters who were determined to find some variety in the limited amount of food they were consuming each day. There is a good one-stop resource at HCG Diet Information regarding these publications and other questions you may have about obtaining hCG, about the experiences of others and about results you may expect.

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