Rapid Weight Loss Diet Pills – The Biggest Rip Off in the History

Rapid Weight Loss Diet Pills – The Biggest Rip Off in the History

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Home Page > Sports and Fitness > Weight Loss > Rapid Weight Loss Diet Pills – The Biggest Rip Off in the History

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Rapid Weight Loss Diet Pills – The Biggest Rip Off in the History

By: Jim Paul
Posted: Apr 08, 2011


Who wouldn’t want to lose weight as quickly as only humanly possible? Are YOU perhaps thinking of buying some quick weight loss pills to achieve your goals as fast as you can?

I suggest you think again! Weight loss pills will only make the process of losing weight slower. They are nothing but a complete waste of your valuable time and money, in other words they are nothing but a blatant rip off.

If you do wish to waste your time searching for some miracle diet pills that will get you fit in no time, go ahead, but at least I have now warned you! The fact is that dieting pill industry is a huge business for some and these people make truck loads of money out of your desperation to lose weight!

Do not be one of the men and women donating their hard earned money to these scam artists! The people in this industry couldn’t care less if their weight loss pills will help you to lose weight or not. Their only concern are their seven figure yearly incomes.

If you do wish to get that fit, healthy and attractive body, you must do it on your own. Sure you can get some help from various sources but the most important thing is that you make that decision and commit yourself to losing weight and living a happier and healthier life!

Most people think it is so hard to lose weight. The reason why they believe so, is that they are not doing the right things. If you do the right things, it is surprisingly easy to start losing weight, I can promise you that.

If you are ready to start getting fit today, I strongly advice for you to forget all kinds of quick weight loss pills, they are nothing but a scam.

Let’s talk about hoodia gordonii, the most effective and the most profitable ingredient of any weight loss pills. There are two types of hoodia gordonii: fake and genuine. To know how to protect you from buying fake hoodia gordonii we have some useful information for you.

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Hoodia market is divided into two camps. The first camp consists of people who are honest, have integrity and make a genuine effort to purchase authentic hoodia gordonii and provide the real thing to their customers through their nutritional supplements. There are only few weight loss pills that were made by honest companies.

And here comes the second camp. These companies sell a highly profitable weight loss pills that contain fake hoodia gordonii. The best customer for these companies is a human that seeks for the cheapest price on the hoodia market. Remember that weight loss pills that contain genuine hoodia gordonii can’t cost less than 50$ per bottle. If you found weight loss pills and they cost 40-45$ , these weight loss product contains fake hoodia gordonii.

Do not get scammed and do not buy fake hoodia gordonii. And here is one more tip: effective weight loss pills should not contain only hoodia gordonii. There should be at least 4 ingredients in safe and effective weight loss pills.

There are bad diets and then there are diets that just spell disaster. When it comes to finding (and avoiding) the worst diets for weight loss, the key is to use common sense above anything else. There are also red flags to look for.

Detox Diets

Detox diets have one main problem: they were not meant to lose weight. Detox diets were originally created to help you clean your organism, although medical professionals agree that even that may not be necessary if you’re eating healthy every day.

Detox diet come in a number of forms.

Some require you to give up all solids and concentrate on juices, whether they’re natural or in the form of a bottled mix.
Other detox diets recommend supplement, colonics and even hormone injections.
Some detox diets start with a few days of fasting, during which you are instructed to drink lots of water and sometimes lemon juice or other homemade mixes. After the initial fasting period, you are supposed to follow a strict regimen for additional days.
Detox diets can last anywhere from a couple of days to several weeks.

Miracle Supplement Diets

There are no magical weight loss pills or supplements. In fact, the only two weight loss drugs available by prescription (Meridia and Xenical) must be used in conjunction with a diet and exercise program and under strict supervision from a doctor because of its potentially serious side effects.

Despite this, pills promising miraculous results abound and new ones are coming into the market regularly. As a general rule, stay away from any supplements that promise to burn fat, block carbs or melt the calories away, especially if they’re sold by the same people who created the diet.

3-Day Diets

Any diet that is meant to last for just a few days is not a good diet. For healthy, lasting weight loss, you want a program that you can stay on for the rest of your life. This means you need to learn how to eat, rather than deprive yourself for a short period of time just to go back to your old habits later on.

Three or seven day diets are usually very low calorie programs that result in weight loss because they are so extreme. They cause you to lose water weight and, if you stay on them long enough, muscle mass. They rarely, if ever, cause fat burning. On the contrary, they slow down your metabolism, so you end up losing less than you would on an average day of eating.

Diets that have stages or phases might work a little better, although the balance is tricky. Some stage diets have an initial phase that is basically a detox or fasting period. During this time, you might be required to avoid specific foods or lower your calorie intake considerably. While this is not ideal, it also won’t hurt you if it’s just for a few days and as long as you’re guided into a healthy eating plan after that initial period.


Jim Paul – About the Author:

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