Quick Weight Loss Diets Programs

Article by Predescu Alexandru

Quick Weight Loss Diets Programs

Quick Weight Loss Diets Programs

While these rapid weight loss diets may work to some degree, most of us, in spite of wanting instant results, also want results that will last long term and not finding ourselves in the middle of a yo-yo effect bouncing us from one pant size to the next depending on the season.

The statistics say that out of every person who loses weight, at least 93% of them will regain the weight and then some within five years, meaning your chance of keeping the weight off permanently is 7% or less.

We all want to think that we can beat the statistics, and I’m sure that there isn’t one person on this planet who has ever started a weight loss program, thought that they’d gain the weight back and find themselves at square one, but the truth is, statistics don’t lie.

Does that mean you should find yourself defeated by the fact that the statistics outweigh you, and give up before you start? Absolutely not! What it does mean, however is that just because you’ve lost the weight with one of the many rapid weight loss diets out there, your not finished.

The key to maintaining any amount of weight loss is realizing that attaining your weight loss goals is not the end of the rainbow, but the beginning of a life-long commitment to your diet and health.

Life is all about choices, and the same holds true with weight loss. Some of our choices are made subconsciously, such as getting out of bed in the morning, turning right or left on our way to work, getting dressed and brushing our teeth, while others require more thought. Unfortunately, maintaining a healthy weight falls into that category. Insuring that you don’t become a victim to the dreaded weight gain can be avoided by simply making more conscious choices.

Simple choices such as adding skim milk to your cereal and coffee can save literally hundreds of calories a day, adding sugar-free syrup to your favorite coffee drink as opposed to regular, limiting alcohol consumption- all simple choices that can save calories.

It’s often the empty calories that tend to add up the most, especially when we think we are being conscious. If you find yourself adding a pound or two, but can’t comprehend why, that’s the first place to look. Many of us don’t realize how quickly those empty calories can add up and before you know it are adding pounds to our bodies.

Rapid weight loss diets may be fine to reach a short-term weight loss goal, but once you get it off, your goal should also be to keep it off, and the best way to do that is making informed, healthy food choices. It doesn’t mean deprive yourself of your favorite dessert or meal, but remember moderation is the key.

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