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multi-striped polo the university examinations. In September 2005,city polo

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September 05, 2011, 05:43:16 AM

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Topic: multi-striped polo the university examinations. In September 2005,city polo  (Read 1 times)

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4 月 20 日 16:00,field country polo, Sichuan Provincial People’s Hospital, ICU intensive care unit, suffering from advanced liver cancer, Zhang Qiang (a pseudonym) in the smooth acceptance of surgery, finally saw their loved ones waiting for long . The 23-year-old boy, has long been thought that he just had a liver A week ago, will become Santai County in Mianyang City, one of his teachers, the physical examination was found to be liver cancer. 
 Qiang from Jintang rural areas, parents died young, a lot of pain from snacks to struggle until today. Face a heavy financial burden,womens polo shirts, Zhang Qiang, without the knowledge of his teachers and classmates at school sponsored fund-raising; while waiting at his side without the knowledge of his loved ones, worrying about the endless efforts to encourage a smile out of him … … no one wanted to make this young life gone, not only because he 
 pickles to go to school carrying their parents died young
 Qiang was born in Jintang Pingqiaoxiang of a poor family. He was 6 years old when his father died; 11 years old, the mother sick forever. Because the poor have no money to see a doctor at home,city polo, until now, Zhang Qiang was exactly what the parents died of disease, no one knows. 
 after his parents died, Zhang Qiang and grandfather had each other, and harder to read. In addition to my grandfather, Zhang Qiang relatives in rural areas is, we all income from the meager funded out of money to learn and together we learned a small Qiang life. Tang Changhong’s uncle, said Zhang Qiang, Zhang Qiang, secondary school, the monthly savings by 150 yuan sister working life, both his tuition money, but also living expenses. He only needed to buy books and stationery counseling only 
 expect before,multi-striped polo, Zhang Qiang, the university examinations. In September 2005, Sichuan Normal University admission notice to be handed Qiang hand, the family cried, this is the tears of joy. 
 accompany old picking up trash to sell donated disaster
 freshman entered the school, Qiang joined the Young Volunteers Association. Uncle sobs: are spent in volunteer activities. He turns to the nursing home, Chengdu street children rescue shelter and school for the blind to do volunteer service, every Saturday afternoon to chat Shuinianhe accompany a mother’s life has become his practice. courage and strength. At school, many students did not know he lost his parents, his family was poor,Big Pony Polo Shirts, the elderly buy fruit a week to see the money, he never falls off. 
 roommate Rossi (sound), said Zhang Qiang, although the poor live, weekdays only hit the back bedroom of rice with chili sauce on the dinner, but few people can live like he does makes sense. Last year, money donated to the disaster area, no one can count how many times he has donated. 
 attracted to teacher education, he had a dream
 any officer in the Student Life Department of the Qiang, academic performance in school, received the Every year he can get the highest level of poverty grants. In the three middle school students to make up classes, earn a living at the same time, he for the future, 
 last year, Zhang Qiang, voluntary application to the Pakistan Tongjiang posts and internships. Practice report, the local teachers with practical, work hard to describe college students. At the end, Zhang Qiang passed the entrance examination of public Santai County in Mianyang, one and three signed employment agreements. 
 school students sponsored Relay for Life fund-raising
 start on Friday, School of Mathematics, Sichuan Normal University headquarters, While senior students looking for work now is the busiest time, but Zhang Qiang students whenever you have a place to raise money Yesterday, the Mathematics Institute of the students under the scorching sun, with his own production of panels and posters,men polo, while carrying a collection box, then went to the new campus of Sichuan Normal University, Zhang Qiang,cheap men polo shirts, continue to raise the cost of treatment. 
 At the same time, colleges and school teachers, leaders of the Qiang donations, fund-raising to support the campus, finally leans over the surgery part of the cost 2 million; students also posted on the network started, hope to have more people to lend a helping hand … …
 all of this, Zhang Qiang, until the successful completion of surgery, the efforts of teachers and students, and his condition as he does not know. p>


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