Low Calorie Beer, The List.

The Low Calorie Beer is one of the new products brought to market that many people are been raving about. Lately consumers have expressed concern over the calories in beer. And the Market responded by offering products with lower calories in beer.

Please note, Manufactures in the U.S. are not required (yet) to print the number of Calories in Beer on their Labels.

Calories in Beer

Low Calorie Beer

Beer is loaded not only with calories, but with sugars that are transferred into empty calories and carbs that seem to hang onto like a spare tire.

And while it seems like a phenomenal thing to drink beer compared to the normal stuff, be warned that low calorie beer might be hazardous to your health!

The Calories in Beer not only adds unnecessary calories to an individual’s diet but the way the body processes these calories can have a detrimental effect on the body’s ability to burn fat.

Highest Calories in Beer

Sierra Nevada Bigfoot holds first place (meaning the most caloric content) with a whopping 330 calories.

Low Calorie Beer Winner

Bud Select 55 at a low 55 Calories. WOW

The only reason we don’t have zero calorie beer is two reasons;
1: It costs more to produce it, more ingredients and extra processes.

2: It will not ferment with out the initial sugars.

The sugar filtering and double processing would make for a better alternative for those who drink since most beer drinkers are bingers and they wouldn’t become unhealthy by gaining weight.
They would just loose weight by loosing their livers slowly. If you didn’t process the beer with more ingredients with out sugar you would have a liqueur like gin not beer.

Checking for the Low Calorie Beer

The next time your have your favorite beer take a look at the label. How much damage are you doing. Are those calories affecting your belly. How about your Love Handles. Is your beer calories even listed?

The Low Calorie Beer might not be hitting your waist yet, you might think about changing your brand of beer, those calories in beer might be more then you really want to consume.

Before we get into that, here are some of the low calorie beers (all with 12 oz. serving sizes)

  • Bud Select has 55 calories
  • Natural Light Beer has 97 calories.
  • Schlitz Light Beer has 96 calories.
  • Miller Lite Beer has 96 calories.
  • Pabst Blue Ribbon Extra Light has 70 calories.
  • Budweiser Light has 108 calories.
  • Generic Beer has 104 calories.
  • Coors Light has 102 calories.

As far as the hazards of low calorie beer – make sure you know that eating a very low calorie diet can put your body in starvation mode. Not only will you stop losing weight, but you’ll actually have the potential to gain weight.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that “Lite” beer is all that much better.

low calorie beer

Brew Your Own Beer Calories?


How Many Beer Calories?

All data is for a 12 ounce serving. Brewers occasionally change their recipes, so if you have a can in your hand right now that says something different than this chart believe the can. (* = no data yet)

Beer Calories, Beer Alcohol, and Beer Carbs
Brand Brewery Alcohol (ABV) Low Calorie Beer 12 oz Carbohydrates(grams)
Anchor Porter Anchor 5.6% 209 *
Anchor Steam Anchor 4.9% 153 16.0g
Anheuser Busch Natural Light Anheuser
4.2% 95 3.2g
Anheuser Busch Natural Ice Anheuser
5.9% 157 8.9g
Aspen Edge Adolph Coors 4.1% 94 2.6g
Domestic Low Calorie Beer, Beer Alcohol, and Beer Carbs
Brand Brewery Alcohol (ABV) Low Calorie Beer 12 oz Carbohydrates(grams)
Big Sky I.P.A. Big Sky Brewing 6.2% * *
Big Sky Moose Drool Brown Ale Big Sky Brewing 5.1% * *
Big Sky Powder Hound (seasonal) Big Sky Brewing 6.2% * *
Big Sky Scape Goat Pale Ale Big Sky Brewing 4.7% * *
Big Sky Summer Honey Ale (seasonal) Big Sky Brewing 4.7% * *
Blatz Beer Blatz 4.8% 153 12.5g
Blatz Light Blatz * * 8.5g
Blue Moon Adolph Coors 5.4% 171 13.7g
Bud Dry Anheuser
5.0% 130 7.8g
Bud Ice Anheuser
5.5% 123 8.9g
Bud Ice Light Anheuser
5.0% 115 7.5g
Bud Light Anheuser
4.2% 110 6.6g
Bud Light Lime Anheuser
4.2% 116 8.0g
Budweiser Anheuser
5.0% 145 10.6g
Budweiser Select Anheuser
4.3% 99 3.1g
Budweiser Select 55 Anheuser
2.4% 55 1.9g
Busch Beer Anheuser
4.6% 133 10.2g
Busch Ice Anheuser
5.9% 169 12.5g
Busch Light Anheuser
4.1% 95 3.2g
Domestic Low Calorie Beer, Beer Alcohol, and Beer Carbs
Brand Brewery Alcohol (ABV) Low Calorie Beer 12 oz Carbohydrates(grams)
Carling Black Label G. Heileman 4.3% 138 12.5g
Colt 45 Malt Liquor G. Heileman 6.1% 174 11.1g
Coors MillerCoors 4.91% 149 12.2g
Coors Light MillerCoors 4.15% 104 5.3g
Extra Gold Lager MillerCoors 4.97% 152 12.5g
Flying Dog Doggie Style Flying Dog Brewery 4.7% 158 11.4g
Flying Dog Dogtober Fest Flying Dog Brewery 5.3% 146 11.4g
Flying Dog Double Dog Pale Ale Flying Dog Brewery 10.5% 292 15.0g
Flying Dog Gonzo Flying Dog Brewery 8.7% 269 18.6g
Flying Dog Horn Dog Flying Dog Brewery 10.5% 314 18.9g
Flying Dog In Heat Wheat Flying Dog Brewery 4.7% 131 8.3g
Flying Dog K-9 Cruiser Flying Dog Brewery 6.5% 181 10.6g
Flying Dog Old Scratch Flying Dog Brewery 5.3% 150 9.6g
Flying Dog Road Dog Flying Dog Brewery 5.2% 158 12.0g
Flying Dog Snake Dog Flying Dog Brewery 6.4% 179 10.6g
Flying Dog Tire Bite Flying Dog Brewery 4.6% 124 7.1g
Domestic Low Calorie Beer, Beer Alcohol, and Beer Carbs
Brand Brewery Alcohol (ABV) Low Calorie Beer 12 oz Carbohydrates(grams)
Genesee Beer High Falls Brewing 4.5% 148 13.5g
Genesee Cream Ale High Falls Brewing 5.1% 162 15.0g
Genesee Ice High Falls Brewing 5.9% 156 14.5g
Genesee Red High Falls Brewing 4.9% 148 14.0g
George Killian’s Irish Red MillerCoors 4.98% 162 14.8g
Icehouse MillerCoors 5% 132 8.7g
Icehouse 5.0 MillerCoors 5.5% 149 9.8g
Icehouse Light MillerCoors 4.13% 103 5.5g
Domestic Low Calorie Beer, Beer Alcohol, and Beer Carbs
Brand Brewery Alcohol (ABV) Low Calorie Beer 12 oz Carbohydrates(grams)
Hamm’s Beer MillerCoors 4.7% 144 12.1g
Hamm’s Golden Draft MillerCoors 4.7% 144 12.1g
Hamm’s Special Light MillerCoors 3.9% 110 8.3g
Keystone Premium Adolph Coors 4.43% 111 5.8g
Keystone Light Adolph Coors 4.13% 103 5.0g
Keystone Ice Adolph Coors 5.9% 142 5.9g
Leinenkugel Honey Weiss Leinenkugel 4.92% 149 12.0g
Leinenkugel Northwoods Lager Leinenkugel 4.94% 163 15.3g
Leinenkugel Original Leinenkugel 4.67% 152 13.9g
Leinenkugel Creamy Dark Leinenkugel 4.94% 170 16.8g
Leinenkugel Red Leinenkugel 4.94% 166 16.2g
Leinenkugel Sunset Wheat Leinenkugel 4.9% 165 16g
Leinenkugel Light Leinenkugel 4.19% 105 5.7g
Leinenkugel Amber Light Leinenkugel 4.14% 110 7.4g
Lowenbrau Dark 5.0% 160
Lowenbrau Special Beer 5.2% 160
Magnum Malt Liquor MillerCoors 5.6% 157 11.2g
Michael Shea’s High Falls Brewing 4.62% 145 13.0g
Michelob Amber Boch Anheuser
5.2% 166 15.0g
Michelob Beer Anheuser
5.0% 155 13.3g
Michelob Golden Draft Anheuser
4.7% 152 14.1g
Michelob Golden Draft Light Anheuser
4.1% 110 7.0g
Michelob Honey Lager Anheuser
4.9% 175 17.9g
Michelob Light Anheuser
4.3% 113 6.7g
Michelob Ultra Anheuser
4.1% 95 2.6g
Mickey’s Fine Malt Liquor MillerCoors 5.6% 157 11.2g
Mickey’s Ice MillerCoors 5.8% 157 11.8g
Miller Chill MillerCoors 4.2% 110 6.5g
Miller Genuine Draft MillerCoors 4.7% 143 13.1g
Miller Genuine Draft Light MillerCoors 4.2% 110 7g
Miller Genuine Draft “64″ MillerCoors 2.8% 64 2.4g
Miller High Life MillerCoors 4.7% 143 13.1g
Miller High Life Light MillerCoors 4.2% 110 7g
Miller Lite MillerCoors 4.2% 96 3.2g
Milwaukee’s Best MillerCoors 4.5% 128 11.4g
Miller Lite Brewers Collection Amber MillerCoors 4.2% 110 6.2g
Miller Lite Brewers Collection Blonde MillerCoors 4.2% 110 6.2g
Miller Lite Brewers Collection Wheat MillerCoors 4.2% 110 6.2g
Milwaukee’s Best MillerCoors 4.3% 128 11.4g
Milwaukee’s Best Light MillerCoors 4.5% 98 3.5g
Milwaukee’s Best Ice MillerCoors 5.9% 144 7.3g
Domestic Low Calorie Beer, Beer Alcohol, and Beer Carbs
Brand Brewery Alcohol (ABV) Low Calorie Beer 12 oz Carbohydrates(grams)
New Belgium 1554 New Belgium 5.6% 205 25g
New Belgium 2 Below New Belgium 6.6% 200 17g
New Belgium Abbey New Belgium 7.0% 200 18g
New Belgium Blue Paddle New Belgium 4.8% 140 14g
New Belgium Fat Tire New Belgium 5.2% 160 15g
New Belgium Mothership Wit New Belgium 4.8% 155 15g
New Belgium Trippel New Belgium 7.8% 215 20g
New Belgium Sunshine Wheat New Belgium 4.8% 145 13g
O’Doul’s Anheuser
0.4% 70 13.3g
Old Milwaukee Light Old Milwaukee 3.8% 114 8.3g
Old Milwaukee Beer Old Milwaukee 4.5% 146 12.9g
Olde English 800 MillerCoors 5.9 % 160 10.5g
Olde English 800 7.5 MillerCoors 7.5 % 202 13.4g
Olde English High Gravity 800 MillerCoors 8.0% 220 14.6g
Olympia Premium Lager Pabst 4.7% 146 11.9g
Pabst Blue Ribbon Pabst 5.0% 153 12.01g
Pabst Extra Light Low Alcohol Pabst 2.5% 67 *
Pete’s Wicked Ale 5.3% 174 17.7g
Red Dog MillerCoors 5.0% 147 14.1g
Red Hook ESB Red Hook 5.77% 179 14.15g
Red Hook IPA Red Hook 6.5% 188 12.66g
Rolling Rock Extra Pale Latrobe 4.6% 142
Rolling Rock Premium Beer Latrobe 4.5% 120 10.0g
Domestic Low Calorie Beer, Beer Alcohol, and Beer Carbs
Brand Brewery Alcohol (ABV) Low Calorie Beer 12 oz Carbohydrates(grams)
Sam Adams Boston Lager Boston Beer 4.75% 160 18.0g
Sam Adams Boston Ale Boston Beer 4.94% 160 19.9g
Sam Adams Cherry Wheat Boston Beer 5.2% 166 16.86g
Sam Adams Cream Stout Boston Beer 4.69% 195 23.94g
Sam Adams IPA Boston Beer 5.93% 175
Sam Adams Light Boston Beer 124 9.7g
Sam Adams Pale Ale Boston Beer 5.25% 145
Schaefer Beer Pabst 4.6% 142 12.0g
Schlitz Beer Pabst 4.7% 146 12.1g
Schlitz Light Pabst 4.2% 110 *
Schlitz Malt Liquor Pabst 6.2% 185 *
Sierra Nevada Anniversary Ale Sierra Nevada 5.9% 190 17.3g
Sierra Nevada Bigfoot Sierra Nevada 9.6% 330 32.1g
Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale Sierra Nevada 6.8% 214 19.4g
Sierra Nevada Draft Ale Sierra Nevada 5.0% 157 13.4g
Sierra Nevada Early Spring Beer Sierra Nevada 5.9% 190 16.7g
Sierra Nevada Harvest Ale Sierra Nevada 6.7% 215 19.3g
Nevada India Pale Ale
Sierra Nevada 6.9% 231 20.0g
Nevada Pale Ale
Sierra Nevada 5.6% 175 14.1g
Nevada Pale Bock
Sierra Nevada 7.0% 218 19.7g
Sierra Nevada Porter Sierra Nevada 5.6% 194 18.4g
Sierra Nevada Stout Sierra Nevada 5.8% 225 22.3g
Sierra Nevada Summerfest Beer Sierra Nevada 5.0% 158 13.7g
Sierra Nevada Wheat Beer Sierra Nevada 4.4% 153 13.1g
Signature Stroh Beer Stroh’s 4.8% 153 *
Southpaw Light MillerCoors 5.0% 123 6.6g
Steel Reserve MillerCoors 8.1% 222 16.0g
Steel Reserve Triple Export MillerCoors 8.1% 222 16.0g
Steel Reserve Six MillerCoors 6.0% 160 11.0g
Stroh’s Beer Stroh’s 4.6% 149 12.0g
Stroh’s Light Stroh’s 4.4% 113 7g
Domestic Low Calorie Beer, Beer Alcohol, and Beer Carbs
Brand Brewery Alcohol (ABV) Low Calorie Beer 12 oz Carbohydrates(grams)
Tuborg Deluxe Dark Export G. Heileman 5.1% 163
Tuborg Export Quality G. Heileman 5.0% 156
Weinhard’s Private Reserve MillerCoors 4.8% 150 9.9g
Weinhard’s Amber Light MillerCoors 4.2% 135 11.5g
Weinhard’s Hefeweizen MillerCoors 4.9% 151 12.2g
Weinhard’s Blonde Lager MillerCoors 5.1% 161 14.0g
Weinhard’s Pale Ale MillerCoors 4.6% 147 13g
Yuengling Ale D.G. Yuengilng 5.0% 145 10g
Yuengling Porter D.G. Yuengilng 4.5% 150 14g
Yuengling Premium Beer D.G. Yuengling 4.4% 135 12g
Yuengling Light D.G. Yuengling 3.8% 98 6.6g
Yuengling Lager D.G. Yuengling 4.4% 135 12g

Bottom line the Low Calories in Beer have a huge impact in calories.

If your going to drink keep track of the calories and don’t drink so many beers.

So, What About the Calories in Wine?

If you think that Wine Calories are lower then low calorie beer, check out this page concerning the calories found in wine products.

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