Weight Loss Hypnotherapy Really Does Work

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Fast Weight Loss will be on the top of millions of people’s Christmas wish list if they could have it as a present but according to a study that shown for a large amount of people diets do not work, Weight Loss Hypnotherapy is the answer. Hypnosis to lose weight is the method to use to lose weight according to studies and Claire Hegarty a leading Weight Loss Hypnotherapy expert.

The Fast Weight Loss hypnosis tool, which is also known as Gastric Band Hypnotherapy , has caught the attention of the NHS as an alternative to Gastric Band Surgery due to the huge success the technique is generating.

Hypnotherapy Really Does Work

Hypnotherapy Really Does Work

When we look at the expanding diet market we see a large number of products out there which include Diet Pills, Fast Weight Loss Diets and the celebrity keep fit videos that promise to change your life but do they really work for everyone, the answer is no.

Rapid Weight Loss is what the majority over overweight people want after years of struggling to lose weight with traditional diets but does Rapid Weight Loss really happen with diets, No! Unfortunately because a large number of diets do not work. But according to a leading Weight Loss Hypnosis expert called Claire Hegarty she has found the answer to Rapid Weight Loss by using a technique called Weight Loss Hypnotherapy, which is also called Gastric Band Hypnotherapy .

First of all lets look at why diets do not work for the majority of people

“You can initially lose 5 to 10 percent of your weight on any number of diets, but then the weight comes back,” said Traci Mann, UCLA associate professor of psychology and lead author of a study into dieting. “We found that the majority of people regained all the weight, plus more. Sustained weight loss was found only in a small minority of participants, while complete weight regain was found in the majority. Diets do not lead to sustained weight loss or health benefits for the majority of people.”

Some diets will help you to lose weight in the short run but according to Traci Mann and a large number of other experts, traditional diets only give you temporary results and do not give you long lasting results as we have seen with a large number of celebrities who have been on diets and brought out DVD’s and by the time they have sold, they have put the weight on.

The top reasons why traditional diets do not work is as follows

1. Why Do I Over Eat. The person on the diet has not got to understand the reasons why they are over eating in the first place. You need to understand why you are over eating.

2. Will Power. For someone to go on a diet they have to have strong will power to keep the diet going

3. Hunger. Diets will make you hungry and this is one of the common reasons why people go back to over eating

4. Boredom. A lot of people on diets start to get bored with eating the same things all the time and end up going back to their old routine

People have spent years and a great deal of money trying to get their figure back but because a large number of diets do not work, people start to become depressed and start eating more to hide their depression at not being able to lose the weight they want to lose.

According to a leading Weight Loss Hypnotherapy expert, she has found the perfect answer to lose weight using a technique that she designed called TranceBand.

TranceBand is a technique that uses Gastric Band Hypnotherapy, Weight Loss Hypnotherapy, Time Line Therapy, Food Awareness and other techniques to help the patient to lose weight.

In simple terms according to Claire Hegarty, her technique allows her to retrain the persons mind to give them will power and to find the reasons why that person is over eating and retrain the mind so they do not over eat.

Hypnotherapy Really Does Work

Hypnotherapy Really Does Work

This technique will also allow the person wishing to lose weight to think they have had a Gastric Band fitted. Normally when a person who wishes to lose weight with a Gastric Band they have to go into hospital to have a surgical procedure but Claire Hegarty does not use surgery instead she uses her TranceBand Technique and hypnosis, which gives the same successful results as a real Gastric Band.

Claire said: “I’ve created and developed this unique technique called TranceBand – where I teach people how to increase and decrease the size of their stomach – meaning they have complete control of what they eat, when they eat and when they become full, so they lose weight easily without any restrictions or having to count mouthfuls,” says Claire.For the treatment to work, Claire says she first has to help her clients be in the right place both mentally and emotionally, helping them in removing any unwanted habits, addictions, emotions, behaviours and any unhealthy relationships they may have with food.

The Weight Loss Hypnotherapy expert said that her method of helping people lose weight allows her clients to become their ideal weight without having to feel hungry all the time and worry about not achieving their goals of weight loss.

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