Have You Considered the Dangers of Rapid Weight Loss?

Dangers of Rapid Weight Loss

Dangers of Rapid Weight Loss

Of course we all really want to melt off those pounds as easily as possible. And there is no dearth of web sites and off line publications offering the perfect solution, or so it may look like. There are persons out there who would have you think that you can safely eliminate vast amounts of weight in a very limited period of time.

We have all seen adverts for Acupuncture, “magic” diet pills and potions, and single food diet programs. All touting very fast results, with no self-control required. A number are offering results of up to 10 lb’s reduction in just five days.

Although it may need the complete suspension of our faculties to fall for this many people do. Mainly out of a state of desperation. Still we can’t be blamed, losing weight is a serious business. Non of us want to suffer the consequences of obesity. Like heart disease, stroke, sugar diabetes, sleep apnea, and more.

Some people chose to go on starvation diets to slim down quickly for a special occasion such as a wedding or a holiday. This is not a good idea as you will be putting your health at risk by cutting out essential vitamins and minerals. Even short periods of starvation can have long term effects on your health and well being.

If this is your goal it is possible to lose a few ponds in a short time frame, but you will need to proceed with a great deal of caution. So know the dangers!

It is possible to lose a few pound in a short period of time by restricting your calorie intake. Rather than limit the amount you eat it is better to cut out fats sugar and food of high calorific value. This way you will lose weight and not feel hungry.

As well as reducing your intake of calories it is also important take at least some light exercise whilst seeking stomach reduction. One thing many people do not realize about exercising is that it can often take up to one week for results to start to show. The fewer pounds you are carrying at the start of your exercise program the longer it will take for you to notice results. But don’t despair as you are doing the right thing.