Hair Loss In Women and Soy, What Side Will Your Hair Be On?

Hair Loss In Women, There Seems To Be A Lot Of Controversy Over Consuming Soy In The Thyroid Patient World. Soy Contains Goitrogens – Substances That Depress Thyroid Function.

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Hair Loss In Women

About 10% of the population has a thyroid disorder, and maybe you are one of them. One of the symptoms, of course, is thinning hair. That’s because your thyroid controls your hormones, some of which activate or shut off your hair growth.

I am hypothyroid, and there’s a good chance that if you have
unexpectedly thinning hair you could be, too.

There seems to be a lot of controversy over consuming soy in the thyroid patient world. Soy contains goitrogens – substances that depress thyroid function. Depressed thyroid, depressed hair?

Bad news about soy if you’re a vegetarian like me! But even if you’re a meat-n-potatoes girl, soy is used as a filler and agent in a variety of food (like tuna fish, hamburger, and other marketed health foods). According to the book

The Whole Soy Story – soy is public enemy number one. (Soy Laden!)

But how does soy affect your hair from the outside, in?

Soy is becoming a hot new ingredient in a variety of shampoos. In my experience soy can pump up the volume on fine hair IF you use about 1/4 the amount of shampoo you’d normally use. Here is one I recommend, straight out of New York:

Creative Products Hair Soy Hydrating Wash

So, does soy work for the forces of good health and hair… Or for evil?

Pick a side now… before the Soy Wars begin!

Until then – have a happy hair day!


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Thanks for reading, and have a happy hair day!

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