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What are the Best Fat Burning Foods for Burning Body Fat? Weight Loss Digest

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What are the Best Fat Burning Foods for Burning Body Fat

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What are the Best Fat Burning Foods for Burning Body Fat?

Sounds Like a Diet Gimmick, Some Purportedly Fat Burning Foods Actually have Some Science Behind their Claims.
Plus a Simple 3-Step Formula for a Real Fat Burning Meal.

What is your definition of a “fat burning food” ?

Fat Burning Food Definition

fat burning food
When you say “fat burning food” or “foods that burn fat,” many people instantly think of exotic herbs, hot spices or foods like cayenne, chili pepper, mustard, cider vinegar, guarana, green tea, etc., which allegedly increase your metabolic rate.

It sounds like a diet gimmick, so you are justified in being skeptical, but believe it or not, some of these purported fat burning foods actually have some science behind the claims.

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For example, there is a slight thermogenic effect from capsaicin in hot peppers.

Do You Need Supplements or Fat Burners to Lose Fat?

by Bodybuilding & Fat Loss Coach, Tom Venuto

If you are thinking about using fat burner supplements or if you are simply looking for information about fat burners, then what you are about to read on this page may might surprise you.

DO NOT spend any of your money on “fat burners” until you read this!

The Truth about fat burner pills and the advertisements that sell them is going to shock you, stun you and may even outrage you, especially if you have been spending large sums of money on these products.

Please do not take my word for it either.

Read this short article.

Reflect on what you have read and then YOU make the call.


The most popular of the “fat burner” supplements ever on the market were no doubt ephedra or ephedrine-based products. These products began to hit the shelves back in 1993.


The Fat Burner Ephedrine

Ephedrine was immensely popular because there was actually some good scientific evidence showing that it had measurable fat burning effects.

You could also “feel” it, because you got an “energy buzz.”

Ephedrine is a drug derived from a plant (a Chinese herb) called ephedra (also known as ma huang).
It is similar in chemical structure to amphetamines and works as a “beta-adrenergic agonist” – which means, that it is a thermogenic (a metabolism stimulating) agent that helps with the release of stored body fat.[ad#Muscle 125×210]

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