Exercise Before Breakfast For Rapid Weight Loss and Maintenance

Article by Hamilton Erridge

A new study in the Journal of Physiology shows that exercising in the morning before breakfast significantly reduces the chances of gaining weight when overeating, and suggests that morning exercise will lead to more rapid weight loss when on a diet.

With the New Year approaching quickly many Americans will start dieting as part of their New Years Resolutions, and the research study from Belgium is timely in its results suggesting that morning exercise is very likely to give an extra boost to weight loss and maintenance.

Exercise Before Breakfast

Exercise Before Breakfast

In the study 28 healthy adults were divided into three groups. All three groups were given a high fat, high calorie diet for a total of six weeks. One group simply ate the food and did not exercise other than normal daily tasks such as housework, business work, shopping, etc…

The other two groups exercised vigorously four times per week for 60 minutes to 90 minutes each time. The workouts were similar to group fitness classes on an exercise bike, or kickboxing. One group did so after breakfast and the second group did so before breakfast (fasted).

After just six weeks the non-exercising group gained a total of one pound per week, or six pounds total! While the group that exercised after having breakfast also gained weight, but only three pounds. Finally, the group that exercised in a fasted state did not gain any weight and their insulin sensitivity was higher than that of the control group and other exercise group!

Of additional importance was the fasted exercise group was able to better burn fat for energy and had less fat stored in their muscle. The study authors concluded that exercising in a fasted state is more effective at boosting a person’s metabolism and better wards of insulin resistance when overeating.

The results, according to lead author Dr. Peter Hespel from Belgium, are of importance to those during the Holiday Season especially because it may help ward of those excess pounds that are often gained.

Additionally, these results suggest that if we had performed the same study, but without over-feeding them, the fasted morning exercise group would have experienced more rapid weight loss than the other two groups.

This is especially interesting given that the second exercise group, the one that exercised after breakfast would have had the same energy intake and expenditure; suggesting that fasting exercise somehow increases a persons metabolism to a greater extent than non-fasted exercise.To learn more about subjects like this and to start changing your body, please visit us at New Lifestyle Diet.

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