Rapid Weight Loss Diets Are Not Created Equal

When you lose weight there are three possible sources this weight loss can come from: fat, water, and muscle tissue. Rapid weight loss diets will cause you to initially lose a noticeable amount of water weight—maybe on the order of five or more pounds in the first few days—but this effect is superficial and cannot be sustained for an appreciable length of time.

Diet pills that have a pronounced diuretic effect rely upon rapid water weight loss to get you to think they are working, but this benefit is short lived. When you are on a weight loss program that actually burns fat, this action in the body has a natural diuretic effect that requires you to drink more water to maintain proper hydration. It might sound strange, but drinking plenty of water keeps you from holding onto an excess.

Starvation diets, such as fasts and other diets that are overly calorie restrictive, actually cause you to lose muscle mass. This is the last thing you want, because your muscle tissue is highly effective at burning calories from food, and losing it comes at a cost to your metabolism.

Diets Are Not Created Equal

Diets Are Not Created Equal

Strength training can help you to build and retain your fat burning muscle tissue, but only if you are adequately nourished. Under a narrow range of circumstances it is possible to actually gain weight as a result of muscle mass increases while at the same time losing fat.

In order to properly gauge how effective a rapid weight loss program is at burning fat, it would be a good idea to use a body fat caliper in addition to the scale to measure your progress. If you are on a rapid weight loss program that seems to have leveled out, this could be why, and its a good thing.

Pills and starvation diets might create the illusion of weight loss at first, but actually do more harm than good. A weight loss program that allows you to retain, and even build muscle tissue is your best bet for rapid weight loss.

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