How to Combine your foods for Rapid Weight Loss

Article by Robert Herdman

Incorrect Food Combining

Have you ever felt really tired after eating a meal? When you have a large meal do you have an abundance of energy or do you just want to lie down and do just about nothing? Lots of studies on food combining have shown that the human body is not designed to digest more than one concentrated food in the stomach at the same time.

Combine your foods for Rapid Weight Loss

Combine your foods for Rapid Weight Loss

It’s not so much about the food we eat that make us overweight but how we combine these foods that cause the problem.The reason we feel tired after a meal is that it takes more energy in the digestion of food than anything else you can do.

The way the stomach is designed, food is to remain there for approximately three hours for digestion before proceeding into the small intestine. This only happens if you have combined your food properly.

Proteins and Carbohydrates cannot digest in the stomach at the one time. Let me explain: Most digestion of food occurs in the stomach by digestive juices.

Protein requires a juice that is acidic to break it down and carbohydrates or starches need an alkaline juice. When acid and alkaline mix they cancel each other out, so therefore the digestive process is not going according to plan and instead of taking three hours it lies in the stomach and rots.

The undigested protein putrefies and the undigested carbohydrates ferment. Because of this crisis going on in the stomach, this is why we have an energy crisis.

The body is over working to find the proper combinations for digestion. Food that spoils in your digestive system tract supplies no nutrition: it only increases your level of toxemia

Correcting the Problem for Weight Loss

By simply separating your proteins from your carbohydrates during the day you are freeing up energy that was used in the digestion process. We want the food to pass quickly and efficiently through the intestines. If you decide to have protein in a meal e.g. meat, have it with vegetables and a salad.

If you decide to have potatoes have it with some cheese and a big salad or vegetables.By simply combining your food properly you’re still enjoying yourself when you eat, and you’re still eating the foods you like. The only difference is you’re not throwing them all together and eating them all at the same time.

Putting it all together

Food Combining works, and the thing about it is do can do it as much or as little as you like. The best thing about this is you don’t even have to believe a word I say. Try it for yourself to prove the difference. If you have been eating all your foods together then take 7 days of your life and try this out. After the 7 days you will not only have an abundance of energy but you will have shed a few pounds.

Proper food combining works for everybody. What goes on in the stomach of one person is identical to what goes on in the stomach of any other person in the world. Even if you’re totally skeptical, just try it and see the difference.

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