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Topic: Cincinnati Bengals Jerseys ( A) the disciple Wang Qianwen (in fact, there is a  (Read 1 times)

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1 Basic information: Wang Qianwen, female, Han nationality, there are SW (strong matron) for himself, we monitor the physical characteristics: a large face (not much), small eyes (not small), no bangs children, the criterion good student like ……
 creeks and lakes known: Qian Wen sister
 2. good:
 (1) Kingdom by the Sea: When we do not listen, do not amenable, exercised self-study way bad times …… Qian Wen sister lesson will begin to , by the influence of Taiwan idol drama and Korean sister of Qian Wen to really whine if the fire is not an mediocre human who can stand the …… …… small ** teeth that you understand ……)
 (3) inflame renowned Hammer: Use this only as the boys … is not quite mutual ……
 (4) singing: Qian Wen sister singing sound good, really good to hear, and the intonation is relatively high ……
 (5) women rights: bring away,
 3. I want to say: Qian Wen sister is really a good squad leader, Wilson pricey, strong ability to ……
 (b) of the disciple ‘: Zhu Li Peng
 1 General Information: Lee Peng Zhu, man, Han nationality, physical characteristics of our squad leader: : Moderator
 2. good:
 (1) Sports: Games of the chief athletes in our class, fleeing, jumping,
 (2) novel writing: go to Hong Kong partook in the rivalry, very strong ……
 (3) brawn show: very muscular …… ah …. squad ..
 3. I want to say: no less busy squad for the class, when …… party is engaged preparing ah ……
 * introduction to the squad governor, ranked behind the muddle, no stuff what the class representative ……
 (c) war Ya Kun:
 1. Basic information: Ya Kun War , female, Han nationality, our class, our class division, and even took our school, the subsistence of God and the physical characteristics ……
: uh …… malleable hair, knot too high, can see the lustrous pearly of the scalp; head door, no hair; face, red, red spots on the plateau; big eyes, circular, multi-layer; nose, a nose and a variety of little; jaws, which have teeth (deserving to tooth looks really good read, the exposed teeth were all eager to show their ……) and clever tongue (you understand)
 rivers and lakes known: war sister …. ..
 2. good:
 (1) Height change surgery: As the war with Britain sister to walk (and hands should hang down like Charlie Chaplin’s feet did not visit in the natural on both sides of the body), so the war would have 160 sister, there will be changes …… 150-170-150-170 enough to quake the height of our dog blind eye ……
 (2) smart tongue magic: the boys over there, is there to penetrate? Oh! The sun will appear to him fewer! To see his bright eyes ……( dead, I can not fight with others over ……) sister of writing well, merely it is true ……
 (3) high hair scary surgery: war sister sat in the front row, close Peas from our soil, every battle sister looked up, I would think that is the taint Peas stood up ……
 (4) the fewest diligent hard sister & sister: the last day the bottom a wooden chair lift! ! ! ! !
 (5) Miss Meng simple: each lesson courseware must go to the bathroom, started on the outside attitudes on other people entered the gate, sliding door to let people immediately, have jumped himself with jumping Da, like with the hare the (no offense hare), the class to go back over the narrow aisle also bound jumping himself with the cause himself with a gust of air and the crowd of onlookers ……; sister while war with the innocent tiny eyes looking to sell Meng your time, students this year and next annual you do not need to buy millet at family ……
 (6) sing: war sister sing like oh ~ ~ ~ and also sing in the toilet …. .. fell in love with Luo long time ……
 (7) Leakage: ah! With a low ascend waist underwear outside the pants know next to nothing ofmething …… outside the jeans too low, periodically even beef has ah! ! ! Shining white, and Akira blind eye to our other dog! ! !
 (Cool Invincible black lines ants word children: sister war of words children, small (diverse her eyes) and thick (unlike the children of her hair) and opt for the (not Like her teeth look like a near )…… only ! ,Philadelphia Eagles Caps! Black lines Yeah! ! !
 (9) invincible charm: a big sister fighting problems is there are too numerous boys like her, but to narrate those , called Kiki! ! ! KFC is not the bird Ha! ! !
 (the recess to you to appendix it …… I’ll write a ……)
 3 interior injuries I ambition to say: combat sister, North Division brand at you! ! !
 (d) late Ya-Wen (are not willing to stay here, I had to sacrifice my wife)
 (e) Gu Yan
 1. Basic information: Gu Yan, female Han, poison tongue (well,Minnesota Vikings Caps, Canruo Lotus), art, hypocritical, after retiring as a physical class representatives on behalf of …… my language class at the same table before the physical characteristics: Liu children, Yi Lin – blue , sleeves, jujube bread face (the moniker by me, please calculate of, yellow, acne, together known rivers and lakes is ……)
: teeth!
 2. good:
 (1) poison tongue attack: m sixty-one 3) hypocritical & art: do not unravel …… If you are lucky ample to make teeth to jot a birthday hope and the like, will not let you call, she would not be called Gu Yan
 (4) homework : teeth homework at the speed of fast and free from outside interference (regardless of our class to see a large cab or a socialist foreign films, is that regardless of classroom lighting is black, both teachers in noisy or not noisy, she would homework, do not escalator head, eye winking) for instance: lofty school, when I was still fighting numbers (the first to write mathematical) actions when the teeth next to me, looked around, like I said, ‘I suddenly memorized a clause, out of tune ……’ suddenly I was like pumping her Ah ……
 (5) humor mixed: As the name suggests, dental humor, sometimes high enough to make jokes of people (normally me) want to cry, but sometimes her humor, but also low enough to let people listen to a joke (he is a majority) is silent ……
 (6) seriously: listen what …… you speak to her there is absolutely no sense to you is; there, typos, see a die one!
 (7) finishing what: from mathematics to the language of the accumulation of error correction to the English laptop …… all the magic
 (Cool the target tight, wherever : look in the North division, the test North Division
 (9) Children & mature old woman: mature not explain, such as sealing the internal quiet child Well …. what …… .. like the playground, love roller coaster ……
 (10) steel stomach: not every morning meal (cake, rice all butmething) started took bread ran sit school bus, complete a study hall early start eating bread (what Europe Hong), dine at night and then dine the cafeteria luncheon wreck meal hardly evermething Fushan Road, at the school do not eat or eating bread, and other home , Shengeng half the night, began undergoing stomach
 3. I want to say: teeth, you did not with my level of effort reflected in the scores, all now on the school news, and hey, you gave me the shock of Karma is a magnificent …… families with Ha! ! !
 (f) Yuan Fan 1 Basic Information: Yuan Ying, female, Han nationality, diligent good comrades, the teeth at the same table appearance characteristics: white, small eyes, very engaging and the children …… head clamp, wood has bangs children, easy Liu Hulan head
 rivers and lakes known: large Yuan Fan
 2. good:
 (1) hard: big is definitely a hard Yuan Fan The good comrades, study hard, a variety of small books, small chip of periodical or something, but definitely the pew to sit via the power of
 (2) Study: Big Yuan navigate very serious, so what she Topic ,Miami Dolphins Caps, the wood in question ……
 (3) Calligraphy: big fan of the word children Yuan, the atmosphere! ! ! This is also the origin of the nickname Big Yuan Fan (geography teacher individually played)
 (4) funny: Big Yuan Fan is generally not comic, funny it (in fact, is not considered funny). For example, one day, did a big fan Yuan 2 thing was you laughed, DU is all in one, Yuan Fan reddening with DU students, said: !!! Another example,San Antonio Spurs Jerseys, I started to write Yuan Fan grandmother’s hair is the first to sail past the goal when the Yuan, Yuan Fan said (5) filial piety: because the big sail precarious Yuan, hey, the waist is the Achilles heel of …… Huh? This point seems a bit large ……
 (6) rock: MJ’s necrosis was very sad when the great Yuan wooden sail there! ! ! Pooh to Miley Cyrus from the Ivy Rama, all within the context of the love …… when you see a very quiet whisper in the KTV is the time to sing rock and roll …. .. that feeling you should think of
 3. I want to say: huge, Yuan Fan Yeah, do not live up to the party and the people anticipate of you ah, ah ……
 a good spread of Chinese
 (g) late Haoyue
 1. Basic information: late Haoyue, female, Han nationality, is not like South Korea, he called for the repugnant, my table
 physical characteristics: color, Latin USA (= =), round face, big eyes, EGGER …… rivers and lakes known: Haoyue sister, fork month
 2. good:
 (1) dancing: hand-arm a variety of dance, an that began cheerful, and entirely regardless of the object, even now g was (she his mama, hibiscus, you know, and the additional, the absence to show what I can see the bright moon for everybody to quit the toilet sister)
 (2) poisonous tongue: Haoyue sister Tucao effort,New York Giants Caps, ah, very mighty …… please refer to the log lisp ……
 (3) rot: bl what, a preference; ideal (details omitted) what, the greatest of ……
 (4) archaic: the three Haoyue sister liked the history, official history of unofficial history of all like to see ,**×** not only love,Houston Texans Jerseys, bright moon sister then it is mastered, there are wooden with good writing ! ! ! Understand the location there are a variety of wood! ! !
 (5) efforts to reach God: Temple is a large, wooden There! ! ! Various pulchritude of love! ! !
 (6) in the earth love letters Kathrine: a variety of subjects of various kinds of people I was stunned to write …… see ……
 (7) Imaginative Emperor: Please refer to …
 (9) singing: a variety of styles, sounds good …… what singing silent spectrum, very powerful … in fact Haoyue sister fiddle very well, good foundation. ……
 (10) strange: could not nap lying down at midday back to the bedroom, lying on the table in the classroom can fall asleep; class is asked up, all fingers are not frank …. draw circles .. what was estimated to be very mystical talisman ……; speaking style trends, the popular online what Haoyue sister say this, my wife had something to say: Haoyue late next ah >
 (11) children: in my final writing in the graffiti, even if you gaze at her, she will draw in your paperback ashore a variety of small love, causing me to be his wife, said …… Moreover, she has a lot of …..
 so Haoyue sister civilian and naval
 3. I want to say: Haoyue sister, in fact, as we two black children, like the word frustration,Cincinnati Bengals Caps, and will not acknowledge .. …
 (h) Wang Xinyu: 1 Basic information: Wang Xinyu, feminine, Han nationality, physical specifics of the magic man: petite, toy brain, Snoopy, back the muted ….. .
 rivers and lakes known as: Ah Yu (only one of them ……)
 2. good:
 (1) Cooling: Wang Xinyu students joke But truly chilly ah. For example: a courseware, our class is surprisingly quiet, in fact, has said the instructor afterward class, and Wang Xinyu asked students at the same table, the class was it? Wang Xinyu slowly replied, the afterward, and is the next obvious ……; Debu more boring as English classes, query questions of the people are generally nailed, so some students on a variety of classes to play, I too included One day away from the bedroom to the classroom, along the line namely the turtle, I mention, even at English Church ah, you are act an English class? Wang Xinyu students said slowly, ah? Easy ah ……
 (2) Chronic: Chronic fully reflected in her hike,Portland Trail Blazers Jerseys, the Wang Xinyu is one utter walking up to human …… if you can reside with her all the way work down, surmise you are roller-skating down the basic sliding location ……
 (3) beautiful & lazy: absolute smart, indeed idle, because operating on a small lavish arts What’s (legends), to pay a math homework before writing the outcome in early learn lobby, or what is the only all right, and mathematical error amendment, when this does not meet the requirements of basic math, but what are the premier; to write political history But children seldom operating word txt synopsis of what variety of good; of what I do not envy! ! !
 (4) stubborn: According to legend, when in high school because of what the job was thrown teacher jobs, but the potentate of the door to pick up students without blinking an eye operation on the back seat or something. ….. all admire ah! ! !
 (5) Hong Kong films: Hong Kong films, what control, what love Tony, what will Cantonese …… every corner by hand when the knife into your nape, said: ) on Ling Ling 1 Basic information: in Siping, female, Han nationality, my short-lived at the same table
 physical characteristics: a pair of very cute little children teeth, lean, handsome rivers and lakes known: in Lala
 2. good:
 (1) solemn efforts: students in Lara is a very solemn and seriously good comrades, although homework slow, but very carefully, so slowly and deliberately Well ~ ~ ah,2011 superbowl Jerseys, each time I did not must write the mathematical error correction, it will look at Lara, because reliable and detailed and characteristic
 (2) food supply: Every time I’m hungry, in counting apt his wife is in Lara, she is a lasting meal ticket ~ ~ ~
 (3) nice with innocence: we have seen agreeable, ah, naturalness is primarily manifested in curiosity you, what are quaint , hey
 (4) postcards & small book: students like to buy at Lara nice little book, a small card just aboutmething, be regarded as a consume of money teeth
 (5) excerpt : have a look at Lara afar excerpt of the students, well ah, illuminated ~ ~ ~
 (6) natural good things: like smokes, sunset, the sun through the leaves …. .. consciousness
 (7) maternal love: often see a child, a abdomen ache to put the students in Qianning students hand in dragging abdomen rub over what
 (Cool art : favor reading, ah, like extract, ah, ah like the picture of what craft ……
 (9) signature: because it is Ling Ling (LING) so impatient to direct write at 00 (you appoint this broken child,Washington Wizards Jerseys, exhausted me)
 1. Basic information: Guo Yi, female insects, Han, our level artist ~ ~
 physical characteristics: flowing hair (such as Figure), svelte but not languid, but where ought definitely not svelte thin ~ ~ eyes blurred small kid (the cause is definitely because of vision)
 rivers and lakes known: Guo babies ~, Guo Cai Cai .. .
 2. good:
 (1) slow + giggle: a team of people together to tell jokes, we finished laughing, smile, Guo children dazed, eyes blurred, in fact, a joke finished there are people with high humor, do not smile, then, we laugh a little after, I listened Guo children in the
 (2) black avenue power: what the shoulder to let her try to shoot you! ! ! You have the competence to use the right arm the day before the examination to try! ! !
 (3) cautious study: Guo children like to study, ah, various problems, Guo child’s math homework is a treasure to be ah ~ ~ so when Guo Arts exam test child out when I am sad (note the double mean) for a long time; there, Guo children the Health Committee when it, enough to seriously, high school windows wipe wash with me, discard me to supervise others is not a play to explain what ~ ~
 (4) painting: This goes without saying that friends ~ ~ ~ Guo children draw is good ~ ~ ~ and Guo children like painting, hey, bedroom, children’s paintings on the quilt, I’ll never forget ……
 (5) Cold humor: this, because the reaction of her slow Well, you can easily think of …
 (6) art: to write a novel, ah, what a small art, a variety of talented
 3. I want to say: Guo children, academy go, ah, in the future if the vigor is not a well-known people, and I train shooting dead a few years you! ! !
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