How Does Calorie Cycling Help You Lose Weight?

Their is a new fad way to lose weight that has been hitting the news all over the United States.

Calorie Cycling Help You Lose Weigh

Calorie Cycling Help You Lose Weigh

It is called “calorie cycling”, this people to effectively lose large amounts of weight in short periods of time. But before you dismiss it as a fad diet, check this out.

This new way of eating teaches people to switch up the amount of calories that they eat day-to-day. By doing this, their body can never figure out how many calories are coming to it (which is often the problem with low calorie or low carbohydrate diets), and therefore it can’t adjust, or plateau.

The diet actually forces you to have cheat days and many say that it wouldn’t be successful without it.

Rachel Rofe, calorie cycling expert, explains that our bodies are used to this way of eating. During the cavemen era, our ancestors would have to go hungry for days at a time. Whenever they got the opportunity to eat, they would binge in order to stay satisfied until the next time they had the opportunity to eat.

Cheat days are similar to the days that our ancestors fasted. Because the metabolism never expects these days, it can never adjust to a certain way of eating, and the body is literally forced to continue dropping unwanted pounds.

Because people get to have these cheat days where they can literally eat anything they want, psychologists heartily recommend this diet. They love that dieters don’t need to feel deprived of malnourished. Doctors love it because it’s a natural way to lose weight without people having to deprive themselves of nutrients, food groups, or even “bad” food.

Because the best weight loss diet is much easier to stick to than a typical weight loss plan, it has a much larger retention rate than many of the other diets.


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